So damn uninspired

Stormy_SkyWow. This hasn’t happened to me in a long while. I have absolutely nothing to say. Every time I ┬áconsult my brain on what’s been going on up there these days, it just makes this ‘Meeeh!’ sound and shoves me away. It’s behaving like a sulking teenager that doesn’t want to talk about it. I’ve been trying to soften its mood with chocolate, sunny days on the beach, dress shopping, wonderful dinners amongst friends… nothing helps. My brain might lighten up for a couple of hours in the presence of others, but in the background it remains a grumpy, brooding lump of grey matter.

I’ve learnt that some things can’t be forced and moody teenagers are better left alone until they’ve processed whatever is bugging them. So, I’ve decided to not put any pressure on my brain and just let it cook in its own stew for a while. It’ll speak up eventually and tell me what it needs, I’m sure…