I like angrily hammering words into my laptop until my nail polish chips and my deeply creased forehead starts having tension seizures. If you’ve read more of my blog, you might have figured that out already.

However, I have more things to be grateful for in life than angry. So I thought I’d sprinkle my blog with weekly-or-so #commitmentisnotmythang ELEPHANTASTIC ELEVATION posts.


Let’s start by explaining what elevation is:

Psychology only just ‘discovered’ this emotion #scienceisanidiot. It’s described as a warm, glowing feeling in your chest. You get it when the acts of another person touch you deeply and make you want to become a better person. If you need some further elaboration to empathize, have a go at my post on nose-tickling.

So, I already told you that I feel like that quite often. I come home to my roommate Unicorn digging at our garden with a spoon to plant strawberries and beans- ELEVATION. My thesis supervisor initiates an evidence-based petition for standardizing fair pay systems in humanitarian organizations- ELEVATION. The girl I nanny tells me that she won’t have the chocolate spread ‘Samba’ anymore, even though she loves it, because it has palm oil in it and still calls itself organic- ELEVATION.

So the ELEPHANTASTIC ELEVATION posts are going to be about people and things that inspire me, reconcile me with humanity, and make me hug trees, people, the ground or buildings (to name a few things that I have actually elatedly hugged in the past).


Sounds a bit American to you? Don’t you worry; I’ll still get out my European history-has-taught-us-that-revolutions-aren’t-started-by-appreciating-stuff attitude. Seriously, where would we be without it? Psychology has known for years that appreciation gets us nowhere at all. It may increase happiness, feelings of connectedness, sympathy, empathy, gets us through trauma, and lets us make more altruistic decisions- but naw, let’s stay negative. If you don’t stare at the things that are going wrong in the world enough, how will they ever start feeling uncomfortable and go away?